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Q:   My commercial water heater with spark ignition will not start. It is a State water heater about three years old. What can I do?

A:   When a heater will not start and you have no spark at the pilot assembly (no sparking noise), you should first check the flue damper assembly by jumping out the flue damper end switch. You do this by disconnecting the plug terminal to the flue damper (be sure the flapper is in the open or vertical position) and by jumping the brown and red wire of the four-terminal plug.

Q:   What is a proper way to install a commercial water heater?

A:   One of the first steps in installing a commercial water heater with spark ignition is to be sure the water heater is pitched back one quarter inch to allow any condensation from the tank to avoid dripping on the pilot, sensors, and pilot guard. The next step is to connect the gas lines with the proper size piping. For example, if the gas valve has a one-inch port (going in), do not use a " pipe with a bushing as this will reduce the rated BTUs of the water heater.

Q:   What parts of my commercial water heater will break most frequently?

A:   The three most critical parts that break most frequently are:

  • Flue damper - no sparking at pilot assembly
  • Pilot assembly - destroyed pilot guard not sparking or sparking and no rectification to the ignition module
  • Ignition module - most water heaters use a lockout-type ignition module after 60 - 120 seconds of trying to start

Q:   Which is the best commercial water heater?

A:   American Standard Water Heaters because of the following:

  • Easily installed flue damper
  • Pilot shield installed further away from pilot assembly
  • Uses a heavier gauge steel tank
  • Has easy to read temperature dial with small on and off differential.

Q:   Why should I buy an American or American Standard water heater from eWaterheaters and not a State or some other brand?

A:   There are seven reasons why you should buy an American water heater:

  • Easy to install electrical connections.
  • Have separate flue damper and diverter assembly. The American and American Standard water heater flue damper is separate and not part of the diverter like State and A.O. Smith.
  • American and American Standard provide a ceramic magnet pipe to be installed on the cold water feed to the heater to give longer life.
  • American's pilot assembly guard lasts longer than all others because of its design and American Standard's design does not require a pilot assembly guard.
  • eWaterheaters provide the best pricing program in the industry.
  • eWaterheaters give a full five years parts and labor warranty. Others give one year only.
  • eWaterheaters give a five-year tank warranty. Others only give three years.

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